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"In fourteen years of attending training at Nordstrom, nothing even comes close to this training! Tony made us learn and have fun at the same time."

Larry Fertig
DMM Northwest Region
Nordstrom Dept. Stores
"Tony is outstanding and has excellent presentation skills. He makes sure everyone understands. It was a very productive and enlightening experience."

Rod Sellman,
District Manager
"Anyone who cares about their job and career should attend Mr. Knapp's training."

Jeff Abbott
General Electric
Aircraft Engine Division
"Mr. Knapp provided information and motivation that was far beyond our most optimistic expectations."

Frank Migliori
Deputy Audit General
Department of The Audit General
Adelaide, SA Australia
"Tony Knapp is the best! I have experienced many training seminars and he is, by far, the best I have encountered."

Toni Martin