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Humans are driven to improve themselves. It is a constantly evolving growth objective that we all go through. It is often a journey of continuous improvement with no real finish line in sight. This is because as individuals we choose not to inhibit ourselves with predetermined personal limitations.

Personal Coaching is a positive step in achieving your objectives. As a Certified Personal Coach Tony Knapp will provide the support you need to raise the bar of your personal and professional expertise. This will afford you the opportunity to strategize what you want, how to get it and the skills you need to achieve it.

Self awareness is the greatest single benefit from Personal Coaching. Knowing yourself is to know what it takes for you to succeed. Just as a center line on a highway tells us where your lane is, Personal Coaching will enable you to develop clarity and awareness. Tony provides coaching sessions on the telephone at a time that is convenient to you. Coaching calls last 30 to 45 minutes with a frequency of every two, three or four weeks depending upon your personal preference. They are organized so as to accommodate your schedule. Tony’s personal coaching sessions are affordable and effective allowing you to work on specific objectives in order to realize maximum value and benefit.

To discuss further how you can get involved in Personal Coaching please contact Tony and arrange for a no obligation discussion of how coaching can support your “Strategies for Excellence”.

Participating in Tony’s Personal Coaching sessions will:

  • Enhance personal awareness
  • Encourage striving for personal excellence, breakthrough thinking and innovation
  • Improve confidence and validate skill competencies
  • Provide a sense of urgency for continuous improvement
  • Create a better understanding of the dynamics of individual performance
  • Emphasis sensitivity to changing personal needs