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The need for personal development manifests itself in many forms and necessitates the improvement of multiple individual disciplines to realize successful results.  Strategies for Excellence is Tony Knapp’s signature training presentation and speaks to the need for continuous process improvement which leads to “personal best practices”.

Tony states… “I have found that many companies and corporations worldwide dedicate extensive time and resources to improve their organizational processes.  To do this they implemented the methodology of benchmarking in order to compare themselves to other companies to determine what they needed to change on their part in order to remain competitive and continue to grow their business.  The problem was, and still is, that no one provided the individuals within the organization the skills and tools they needed to embrace the company’s new processes and improve their personal processes accordingly.   As a result, I am dedicated to the need for personal improvement for individuals and believe that for any company to be successful that their personnel, whether in management, sales, customer service or operations should be armed with best-in-class techniques and processes in order for the company and the individual to succeed.”

If you are in sales, customer service or operations, this training is for you.  Strategies for Excellence focuses on personal disciplines and delivers knowledge, skills, tools and information that will help individuals raise their performance level to best-in-class status.  It will accelerate the processes of personal change that lead to best practices which will lead to increased sales, total customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage. 

By attending Strategies for Excellence you will learn:

    • The power of making an emotional connection with others first time and every time
    • A proven method for prioritizing tasks to get more done in less time
    • How to develop “Master Communication Skills”
    • The incredible dynamics of how to recognize client behaviors that result in increase sales and improved customer service
    • How to create a personal plan that is easy to monitor and will ensure improvement
    • The 10 critical steps to excellence and personal best practices