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A question that seems to have been unanswered for eternity is “are leaders born or are they made”?  Perhaps that query cannot be answered to the satisfaction of everyone, however the fact remains that all leaders share common traits.  Some people are natural born leaders, and it is confirmed by their behaviors and actions that they are take charge people.  They tend to consistently find themselves in a position where others are looking to them for guidance and support.   However, most people are in leadership positions because they simply found themselves elevated into because of position or job requirements.  Perhaps their rise through the ranks was the result of a keen sense of right and wrong, or maybe they are so skilled they were placed into leadership by default.  Regardless of circumstances all business professionals can benefit by adapting leadership skills.

What Tony Knapp has achieved in his presentation of High Performance Leadership is to identify the characteristics of leadership whether they are inherently natural or it is recognition that has been earned and/or learned by the individual.  Leaders share commonalities of purpose, decision making, the ability to be a trail blazer and an uncanny knack for imparting their knowledge to others.  Tony has interacted with leaders at every level of business and has determined what separates leaders from the masses and how everyone can harness the authenticity of true leaders.

The skills Tony presents in this important training will enable individuals within an organization to embrace leadership for career advancement.  It will elevate managers to true leadership and, at its most basic level, will enable other company personnel to take a leadership role in dealings and interactions with clients and potential clients.  Anyone who manages, supervises, directs or administers will benefit from this training and will become an improved high performance leader.

After attending High Performance Leadership training expect to:

    • Clearly understand the difference between managing and leading
    • Know the leap of faith that leadership requires
    • Learn the 5 key steps of leadership and how to accomplish each step
    • Gain knowledge of the  leadership styles and learn which style matches you best
    • Learn the secrets to “leading by facilitation”
    • Take away knowledge of how to build a better work climate through the application of leadership