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Great athletic coaches have a major impact on the teams they manage.  Their job is to inspire greatness by demanding excellence, expecting sacrifice, maintaining motivation and establishing accountability for the performance of their team.  These are the same techniques used by great business managers.  You too can develop these advanced management skills by attending Tony Knapp’s presentation of Impact Management. 

No matter whether you are new to supervising and managing or an experienced senior level manager, Tony’s fast paced presentation will deliver real world techniques and insightful information which will enable managers and supervisorsto get their team on the fast track to success and keep them there.  You will be able to instill the kind of enthusiasm and morale that will make productivity soar.  By learning the highly effective techniques delivered in this training you will know when to mentor, when to empower, when to council and when to get out of the way!   This training also includes an incredibly powerful tool which is the “No Fail System for Solving Performance Problems”. 

Impact Management validates your skills and crystallizes your thinking and clearly provides a roadmap of how to apply the most effective management techniques for your team.  And, best of all, you will impact, grow and improve your team with methods which will influence them to achieve peak performance.   Expect your team to develop a new appreciation for what you do for them.

Here is what you will take away from Impact Management:

    • 10 things every manager should know about the people they manage
    • How to evaluate and structure a team which responds to your management directives
    • The absolute key to training your team so they “get it” the first time
    • A sure fire method of managing to get what you want, when you want it and have it done right the first time
    • The unique technique of “The No Fail System for Solving Performance Problems”
    • An action plan for each and every member of your team so you can apply what you have learned immediately