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It seems like everywhere you turn companies, corporations and even local businesses are boasting about their customer service.  It is common to hear taglines like, “Customer service is our number one priority”, or “We won’t stop until we achieve 100% customer satisfaction”; maybe even “We meet and exceed customer expectations.”  If all this communication is true, then why do we still seem to receive customer service that is often, at best, disappointing?

Customer service should be a prime objective for every individual or organization.  You can sell anyone one time.  However, to keep customers loyal to you and your product or service requires that you continually think and act in the best interest of your customers.  Tony Knapp delivers an unique approach to customer service that he calls Clientelling.  It is customer service taken to the next level of satisfying your customer in such a way that you create customers for life.
Clientelling features the two most important elements of a world class customer service initiative…“simple” and “personal”. In order to offer world class customer service, the client must understand what it is and know that it speaks to their personal perception of what outstanding customer service is. 

By participating in Tony’s unique Clientelling training, attendees will:

    • Learn the 7 critical elements of Clientelling
    • Learn how to establish client trust more effectively and in less time
    • Understand organizational keys to supporting your Clientelling initiative
    • Know how to develop an internal company Clientelling questionnaire
    • Specific Clientelling activities that will shut out the competition and assure your customers remain your customers