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Selling is one of the most fulfilling professions one can undertake.  It allows for planning, strategizing, goal setting, skill development and, most importantly, the motivation of achievement.  However, that does not mean selling is easy.  Today sales professionals are finding the sales environment is presenting new challenges.  Budgets are being adjusted, competition is fierce and the decision to purchase very often seems to come down to price.  Yet some sales professionals continue to produce top results.  They do not dwell on the negative thought processes; they simply do what they do best.  They continue to strategize the changing landscape of their business, they reach out to existing clients and actively communicate to potential clients and they never take their eyes off the target. 

Tony Knapp is widely regarded as the first continuous improvement professional to adapt the corporate disciplines of best-in-class sales activities to those of individual sales professionals.  Tony’s landmark research defined the processes of personal benchmarking and coined the term Benchmarketing…Best Practices for Sales and Marketing Professionals.  Tony served as a team member for three national best practices studies for sales and service and conducted the first ever best practice study for retail sales professionals.  The result was defining the actions of the top 5% of sales professionals and why and how they succeed when others do not.  It is neither industry specific nor personality driven or even some unique ability that is uncommon.  To the contrary, it is the ability to understand the dynamics of what processes and activities produce remarkable results. 
This is not some generalized sales technique training that is what everyone already knows.  Tony’s presentation is the result of the study of best practices from top professionals in the profession of selling and identifies how the best become the best.  It will crystallize your thinking and enable you to develop your own personal best practices that will produce breakthrough thinking, increased competitiveness and career satisfaction. 

You will learn:

    • How to avoid slap shot selling with the consultants paradigm of selling
    • The incredible power of the change matrix and how to get potential clients to change what they are currently doing and purchase your product or services
    • The anatomy of a cold call and how to get past the gatekeeper
    • The secret of encouraging objections in order to make a sale
    • 5 reasons everyone is not a top salesperson and how to separate yourself from the crowd