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   This is Tony’s signature presentation and is for anyone who is involved in sales or customer    service. Attendees should expect to increase performance and improve customer relationships by    being exposed to best-in-class techniques.

   Leaders aren’t just born. They can learn through their actions, behaviors and beliefs in order to    lead others to performance excellence. Anyone who manages or supervises others will benefit    greatly from this presentation.

   Clientelling is the ultimate expression of customer service. Not just another theoretical customer    service training, Tony delivers world class skills, tools and information that will take your service    to a whole new level.

   Why do the greatest sales professionals simply perform at higher levels and achieve results    regardless of challenges or market conditions? As the facilitator of four best practices studies for    sales excellence, Tony Knapp will provide methods and processes from the best of the best.

   Great managers, like great coaches have the task of inspiring their teams to achievement.    Managers and supervisors will learn the secrets of how to encourage those they manage to peak    performance.