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Tony Knapp is a highly respected speaker, trainer and consultant. He brings a depth of understanding to the critical nature of communications in business, customer service and sales relationships. Tony has actively championed business specific training and the development of best practices as a necessity for personal and professional success. Tony addresses thousands of men and women each year on a variety of business disciplines, and his clients include such well known companies as General Electric, FedEx, IBM, Marriott International, Nordstrom Department Stores and many other private, corporate and government organizations. Tony has also been a contributor to a number of educational institutions including Ohio State University, United States Air Force Academy, University of Illinois and Yale University. Additionally, Tony has extensive experience in the International business environment working with well known companies and government agencies in the United Kingdom and Australia. Tony has served as a team member for three national best practice studies at the world renowned American Productivity and Quality Center and personally conducted the first ever best practice study for retail sales professionals.

In order to focus and increase effectiveness of business specific training, Tony advocates personal benchmarking and the development of personal best practices as a necessary tool for excellence and superior performance. Tony's breakthrough research defined the processes, methodologies and procedures of personal benchmarking for the Benchmarking International non-profit organization.

Tony is a dynamic and charismatic presenter who connects with his audiences by delivering real world knowledge, skills, tools and information which speaks to the need for continuous improvement. Companies and individuals alike have realized remarkable results from his expertise.