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The Shoe & Accessory Travelers Association (SATA) is a membership organization whose goals are to represent, and to significantly improve the abilities and well-being of, traveling sales representatives who work within the footwear and related goods industry.  SATA's primary activities include providing its members with information, education, benefits and services, and networking opportunities with fellow members, vendors and other key players in the footwear industry.

With more than 2,000 members, it is critical for SATA to provide superior benefits and high quality services to meet the needs of the membership.  To respond to the expectations of such high standards in the delivery of various services, the SATA Board of Directors established an objective and committed to developing the best education initiative in the industry. 

To see this objective become a reality, the SATA Board of Directors called on communications, sales and customer service expert Tony Knapp.  Tony was charged with conceiving, developing and implementing the SATA Education Initiative.  He began by designing a three year plan to provide training and education for first time shoe travelers, as well as, advanced sales and customer service professionals.  The content of the program is an expansive program which not only offers sales and service disciplines, but also provides technical information in the form of computer and software learning, retail math, purchasing and accounting techniques.  To be assured of developing best-in-class knowledge, Tony reached out and associated with footwear industry experts to provide expertise to the technical modules of the program.  This coordination created a comprehensive education and training experience which provides professional support and ultimately increases the features and benefits of joining the SATA membership organization.

In order to kick off the SATA Education Initiative in 2008 Tony presented live presentations during industry conventions in New York, Boston, Miami and Minneapolis.  He has also delivered the initial education modules of multiple modules in CD Rom presentation format which include “Sales Strategies for Success” a variation of Tony’s signature work “Strategies for Excellence”. 

The SATA Education initiative has been highly acclaimed and overwhelmingly accepted by the industry.  It is already regarded as the industry’s best education initiative and represents an opportunity for shoe and accessory travelers to have a support mechanism with which to gain the knowledge and develop the skills to be successful.