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Auberge Resorts are among the elite boutique resorts of the world.  They are widely recognized as offering a level of service which goes above and beyond expectations and crosses into the realm of anticipation. Attentive yet unobtrusive, genuine yet poised, Auberge Resorts' unparalleled level of service attends to every imaginable need.  Visitors to an Auberge Resort find that each and every Auberge Resorts staff member shares a true passion for service.

The resort is commitment and dedication to ensuring that each stay is a perfect one and that every guest's wishes be nurtured and indulged is simply unequalled.  Not content to simply reside in the world's most captivating destinations, each Auberge Resort is conceived and cultivated from its unique surroundings.  When the decision was made to open their newest East Coast Resort Collection, a stunning piece of property situated in the picturesque South Carolina Low Country along the beautiful May River was selected.  The Inn at Palmetto Bluff is the centerpiece of an exclusive 22,000-acre riverfront community and nature preserve.   It is an environment that speaks of “place”.

The challenge to opening this resort was how to best adapt the culture of Auberge to the environment of the casual lifestyle of the South Carolina Low Country.  To fulfill this objective Auberge Resorts called on the unique expertise of Tony Knapp.  Tony was given the responsibility to deliver his highly acclaimed communication and customer service expertise to the leadership, management and staff of the Resort.  He was involved in the earliest stages of the development of the staff including facilitation of an in-depth session with the Executive Leadership team to developing the resort’s mission statement which would serve as the focus for the Resort.

Tony developed comprehensive training programs providing professional skills in the areas of interpersonal communications with internal associates and for their interactions with their guests.  This was critical to Tony’s philosophy that truly great service can only be provided when the staff providing the service enjoys their jobs and can interact professionally and appropriately with each other.  He further presented training focused on offering unique levels of service, sales skills for the sales and marketing team and management and leadership skills for the resorts’ supervision and management teams.  Tony also developed in-depth training sessions for diversity in order to identify sensitivity for the various cultures of the Resort guests’.

The Inn at Palmetto Bluff continues to receive numerous awards and recognitions for superior service and the delivery of guest comforts.  The commitment of the resort to place emphasis on training, and utilizing the expertise of Tony Knapp has played an important role in the success of this unique resort.