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EXP Pharmaceutical Services Corp., located in Fremont, California, is one of the most prominent members of the pharmaceutical reverse distribution industry specializing in expired pharmaceutical product returns processing, professional waste disposal and customized reporting services.  EXP employs the most dominant field based personnel force in the industry with over sixty sales and service professionals worldwide.  EXP field based personnel perform both sales and service functions.  Consequently, it is necessary that they possess multiple skills in order to meet the expectations of their clients and their job.  The company provides a “roadmap” of specific and technical job functions that speaks to the complexities of regulatory compliance and efficiency of the reverse distribution process.     

In order to support EXP’s field based personnel, the president of the company began a project to develop an education and personal development initiative that would provide their team the opportunity to develop their skills both personally and professionally.  In order to implement this project, EXP called upon Tony Knapp to serve as “chancellor” of what became EXP University.  Tony worked on a curriculum which met the company goals of creating a program never before accomplished in the reverse distribution industry.

EXP University E-mail logo.jpgTony began by developing a university crest for the company which established the significance of the initiative.  This logo is attached to training and media materials developed by EXP University for internal company use.  Tony then reviewed the company’s current training processes and adapted the current activities to processes that complimented the university objective.  He then produced a monthly newsletter, “Chatting With the Chancellor” ,which included useful information on a variety of professional business disciplines.  Tony re-engineered EXP’s field based personnel orientation to create specific structure and facilitation methods to ensure consistent education and training to newly hired personnel. 

To expand and improve the retention of the orientation process Tony provides personal coaching with newly hired field based personnel, as well as, anyone on the EXP team who wishes to improve their skills and enhance their careers.  Tony delivers the EXP University initiative at many company functions including national sales meetings, management meetings and at pharmaceutical industry conferences which EXP leadership is in attendance.  He continues to develop new training programs and modules to speak to the current needs of the company’s professional field based personnel to support their efforts.

The results of Tony’s development of EXP University have been a highly successful initiative.  The company continues to grow their business and dramatically increase market share.  By design the EXP University initiative is ever evolving to meet the current and future objectives of the company and the industry.